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The CICNS is an independent centre open to new spiritualities. It is available for individuals who wish to obtain objective information on this subject. The CICNS fills the blatant lack of objective, rigorous information on modern spirituality. The integration of these modern spiritualities into our society has neither been backed by the authorities nor the public. On the contrary, there has been a ruthless campaign aiming to discredit the pursuit of new forms of spiritualities.


The CICNS is a space that provides information and advice for individuals and groups who wish to increase awareness of, nurture and promote all kinds of legitimate spiritual search. The CICNS also provides information for authorities and the public; it is a reliable source on the subject of today’s spiritualities.


The CICNS does not evaluate the diverse spiritual journeys of its members.


It stands for neutrality that is absent today in the media, the justice system and among the anti-sect (anti-cult) activists. The CICNS acknowledges the importance of spiritual search in a human society which is increasingly victim of its superficial orientations.

People aspire to understand the meaning of existence and to live life to its fullest. The sustained condemnation of spiritual research, summarised for the public in the derogative expressions “sect” or “cult”, is perpetrated by individuals or groups that are heading a crusade to entrench prejudice against spirituality as a whole.


Criminal acts committed by a few individuals around the world are used to justify an ongoing discrimination campaign in France.


CICNS members do not deny that when criminal acts are committed, that they should be judged and punished, when evidence justifies. However such criminal acts should be treated for what they are independently of the spiritual belief or associations of the perpetrators.+


One function of the CICNS is to keep in its archives, examples and testimonies of allegations of criminal acts, some without any credible evidence, which have fuelled campaigns of disinformation on the nature of spiritual research, and led to discrimination, injustice and human tragedy. This justifies the existence of the CICNS.


The use of such allegations to denigrate legitimate spiritual movements and research has no place in a society that claims to be a democracy.


The CICNS has been created to represent those who see themselves as being affected by this state of affairs and those who want to see a change.


In conclusion, becoming a CICNS member involves the following:


1.       - CICNS members are pursuing activities that are in alignment with restoring human dignity; that is, experiencing human potential, revealing its true and deep nature and freeing people from the weight of materialism. Members promote spiritual and humanist values in society.


- CICNS reserve the right to refuse applications from individuals or groups who pursue or seek to justify destructive or criminal actions.


2.       -  Members of our association are people who exemplify what enhanced understanding of the spiritual dimension can bring to an individual and therefore to our society.


3.       - Members of our association are aware of the need to respect the law in their country, regardless of their beliefs.  However they consider they have the right to denounce laws that do not respect the natural right of individuals to choose their own spiritual path, no matter how original that path may appear to the public eye.


4.       - Members of our association respect all spiritual beliefs, and do not draw hasty conclusions or make reactive judgements or generalisations about diverse forms of spiritual research.  They are aware of how collective conditioning could lead them to condemn others’ belief system in a way that may in turn affect them.


5.       - Members of our association support a peaceful process towards promoting the truth on new spiritualities.

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